AutoCAD Training

AutoCAD is the pre-eminent computer aided design (CAD) package on the market today. It is a suite of software products which provide 2D and 3D CAD tools. It is used by engineers, land developers, architects, mechanical engineers and other design professionals to design, visualize, document and communicate their ideas clearly and efficiently.

Our AutoCAD training courses are led by ex-industry professionals with years of hands-on experience. This means that our courses use real-life examples and scenarios, and have a real impact on your day-to-day workflow.

Our scheduled training courses are delivered in our comfortable, modern training centre in the Surrey Technology Centre in Guildford. We will also be introducing AutoCAD courses in London in 2016.

We frequently provide our clients with AutoCAD training on their site. This allows the training to be delivered on a date to suit them and often allows us to use their AutoCAD files to make the training as relevant as possible.

Training Course Approach

These courses are focused on ensuring that we make you a faster and more relaxed AutoCAD user. Given how widely AutoCAD is used as a CAD and design tool, being a fast, comfortable user is critical for any engineer, architect, designer or graphic designer.

Our training courses are very practical and hands on. We believe that practical skills are developed though practicing the learning points that your have been taught. In this way we ensure that our delegates leave with a thorough knowledge and understanding of how to use AutoCAD and also the practical experience in using the software which allows them to confidently put that knowledge into practice.

AutoCAD is very flexible and configurable. To the uninitiated it can be confusing with large numbers of menus. However, in working through multiple exercises we ensure that our delegates get comfortable navigating the various menus and options that are available.

What You'll Learn


1 - Introduction to AutoCAD and Working with the Windows Environment

2 - Creating Your First Drawing

3 - Viewing and Plotting a Drawing

4 - Basic CAD Drawing Techniques

5 - Understanding Layers and Linetypes

6 - Creating Basic Geometry

7 - Annotating a Drawing with Text and Hatching

8 - Drawing Accurately

9 - Creating Selection Sets

10 - Basic Editing Skills

11 - Editing with Grips

12 - Advanced Drawing Techniques

13 - Dimensioning a Drawing

14 - Modifying Object Characteristics

15 - Using Symbols and Attributes

Architectural drawing

1 - Elevation

2 - Section

3 - Site Plan

4 - Deatails drawing

5 - Rajauk Sheet (With FAR)

6 - City Corporation Sheet (With FAR)

7 - 3D Max (Basic)

Structural drawing

1 - Column Layout

2 - Beam Layout

3 - Fotting Layout

4 - Slab Layout

5 - Long And Short Beam

6 - Stair O.G.W.K , O.H.W.T

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